Reviews & articles

‘This sober, respectful and devastating work is one of the year’s highlights, a quiet and insistent probe into the act of making and marking territory’
Mike Hoolboom, Pleasure Dome, Toronto

Reviews and articles

Living with Contradictions‘ Nina Mangalanayagam in Parse Journal, Issue 11, Summer 2020.

‘Withholding Patterns’ (feature on The Host) by Yusef Sayed, in Underline Magazine,  4, Autumn 2018: The Abadan Issue, British Council. Available in English and Persian []

‘Dissecting patriarchy in the intimacy of the archive through the work of RAMESCH DAHA, TATIANA LECOMPTE, MIRANDA PENNELL’ by Aesa Sigurjonsdottir;
Eikon #100 – Special Issue, International Magazine for Photography & Media, pp57-68,  (Vienna, November 2017)

Ars Moriendi, or How To Film a Sculpture: The 11th Punto de Vista Festival, report in Senses of Cinema (June 2017)

‘La memoria presente del colonialismo’ in Otros Cines Europa by Manu Yáñez (9th March 2017) [English translation: ‘The present memory of colonialism’]

‘Thieves in the temple: reframing the archive with Miranda Pennell and Sarah Wood’ by Sophie Mayer for Sight & Sound (March 2016).

Pleasure Dome: Far From Iran reviewed in Hello Cinema (July 2016).  [Two films about Iran: Taravat Khalili’s Does the Sand Hear the Waves? and Miranda Pennell’s The Host. Hello Cinema is an English-language website dedicated to Iranian cinema.]

‘The Host’ review in Sight & Sound (April 2016) by Sukhdev Sandhu

In Praise of Courtisane’, review of the 2016 Courtisane festival by Por Arindem Sen for Lumiere (

The Personal is Political: Women in Archives’ Tara Judah for Watershed (July 2016).

Essay Film Festival reviewed in Art Monthly (May 2016) by Alex Fletcher.


Selective Memory and Partial Remembrance are a Problem‘ Miranda Pennell interviewed by Georgia Korossi (March 2016), for the BFI.

A Q&A with Miranda Pennell, artist and filmmaker‘ by Chris Sharratt in a-n (March 2016).

‘Photos always make you feel they hold a secret beyond their obvious meaning’: a filmmaker on archives and autobiography (March 2016).

Miranda Pennell photo-essay in The Guardian Tehran Bureau (March 2016)

Indiewire presents “LFF 2015 Women Directors: Meet Miranda Pennell – ‘The Host’

On working with archives. Miranda Pennell interview by Alessandra Ferrini (2013), part 1 and part 2 in Mnemoscape.[On Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed and a new work-in-progress about the BP archive]

Rules of the Game‘ by Miranda Pennell (2012), chapter in Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited, edited by Jill Daniels, Cahal McLaughlin, Gail Pearce. Buy the book Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [not about The Host]