Reviews & articles

‘This sober, respectful and devastating work is one of the year’s highlights, a quiet and insistent probe into the act of making and marking territory’
Mike Hoolboom, Pleasure Dome, Toronto

Reviews and articles

Ars Moriendi, or How To Film a Sculpture: The 11th Punto de Vista Festival, report in Senses of Cinema (June 2017)

‘La memoria presente del colonialismo’ in Otros Cines Europa by Manu Yáñez (9th March 2017) [English translation: ‘The present memory of colonialism’]

‘Thieves in the temple: reframing the archive with Miranda Pennell and Sarah Wood’ by Sophie Mayer for Sight & Sound (March 2016).

Pleasure Dome: Far From Iran reviewed in Hello Cinema (July 2016).  [Two films about Iran: Taravat Khalili’s Does the Sand Hear the Waves? and Miranda Pennell’s The Host. Hello Cinema is an English-language website dedicated to Iranian cinema.]

‘The Host’ review in Sight & Sound (April 2016) by Sukhdev Sandhu

In Praise of Courtisane’, review of the 2016 Courtisane festival by Por Arindem Sen for Lumiere (

The Personal is Political: Women in Archives’ Tara Judah for Watershed (July 2016).

Essay Film Festival reviewed in Art Monthly (May 2016) by Alex Fletcher.


Selective Memory and Partial Remembrance are a Problem‘ Miranda Pennell interviewed by Georgia Korossi (March 2016), for the BFI.

A Q&A with Miranda Pennell, artist and filmmaker‘ by Chris Sharratt in a-n (March 2016).

‘Photos always make you feel they hold a secret beyond their obvious meaning’: a filmmaker on archives and autobiography (March 2016).

Miranda Pennell photo-essay in The Guardian Tehran Bureau (March 2016)

Indiewire presents “LFF 2015 Women Directors: Meet Miranda Pennell – ‘The Host’

On working with archives. Miranda Pennell interview by Alessandra Ferrini (2013), part 1 and part 2 in Mnemoscape.[On Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed and a new work-in-progress about the BP archive]

Rules of the Game‘ by Miranda Pennell (2012), chapter in Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited, edited by Jill Daniels, Cahal McLaughlin, Gail Pearce. Buy the book Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [not about The Host]